The new Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research started its work on 1 January 2012 and performs fundamental energy research in the fields of nuclear fusion and solar fuels. The issues of energy and climate change require to develop sustainable energy on a global scale. This transition is one of mankind’s biggest challenges in this century and its success depends on solving a score of scientific questions. The mission of the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research DIFFER is to conduct leading fundamental research in the fields of fusion and solar fuels, in close partnership with academia and industry. To successfully transfer fundamental insights to society at large, DIFFER is actively building an energy science society through the formation of multidisciplinary networks


DIFFER is developing a series of experimental campaigns to study CO2 plasmas in different configurations, focusing on dissociation, gas phase characterisation and plasma-surface interactions. The PhD thesis of Marija Grofulovic, entitled Energy storage and transfer in non-equilibrium CO2 plasmas, is made in co-supervision between IST and DIFFER, where she will stay during 2017.

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